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9 Unmissable Things To Do In Slovakia For Your First Visit , Eastern Europe

view of castle on hill and church beside river with bridge going over it all lit up at night

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When it comes to European destinations to visit, Slovakia isn’t usually at the top of most people’s bucket list.

I didn’t know anything about Slovakia before going, and had limited expectations. Well, what a pleasant surprise awaited.

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It turns out it’s a beautiful country with so much to offer. It’s a land full of castles, thermal baths, caves, jaw-dropping architecture – not to mention ample opportunities for cross-country skiing in the winter.

Needless to say, there are a ton of things to do in Slovakia, which makes it one of the most unique tourist destinations and still a true hidden gem.

If you’re not sure what to do in Slovakia, then here are some of the top attractions you should add to your itinerary on a first time visit.

Things To Do In Slovakia

1. Visit Bratislava

old white building in bratislva
Bratislava Slovakia

Slovakia is in Eastern Europe, a landlocked European Union country of around 5.4 million people. It was once the ‘Slovakia’ in Czechoslovakia, before an amiable independence in 1993.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and where almost half a million people live, so it’s definitely the most bustling part of the country and where you’ll find a more lively atmosphere.

For us, we felt Bratislava was very romantic. We floated in a ferry down the famous and beautiful Danube River and took the old-style red tourist tram to get some history and an orientation, which stops at the iconic castle for a beautiful view of the city.

Stroll through the old town and check out the Old Town Hall. Stop off for a bite to eat or drink in the squares and laugh with the buskers. Have a sundowner in the Sky Bar for the most amazing view over the old town while the sun goes down. Try out some of their delicious Slovak cuisine, such as bryndzové halušky (potato dumplings), the national dish of Slovakia, and yummy cocktails too.

One of the great things about Bratislava is that it borders Hungary and Austria. It’s only an hour away from Vienna in Austria and only a 3.5 hour drive to Prague in Czech Republic, which means you can easily take day trips to other countries. It’s position easily makes it one of the best places to visit in Slovakia.

2. Visit The High Tatras

wooden buildings in the High Tatras Slovakia

But as lovely as Bratislava is, it wasn’t what had brought us to Slovakia. We were headed for higher heights. We picked up…

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