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Our Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Hunter Valley Experience

inside of hot air balloon

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If you’re looking for a great experience to have in Hunter Valley, then look no further than a hot air balloon flight.

Hot air balloon flights over Hunter Valley are a great way to get spectacular views of the region, as well as have a memorable way to remember your trip.

As the sun rises, you’ll soar above the picturesque vineyards and farmland, marveling at the stunning scenery below.

What’s more is that The Hunter Valley is renowned for its premiere wines, and what better place to sip on a cool glass of champagne than with a champagne breakfast from the vantage point of a hot air balloon?

The tranquility and serenity of floating above the oldest wine-growing region in Australia is an opportunity like no other, but if you’re not sure whether it’s the right experience for you, here is a run down of our experience…

Our Experience Flying in a Hot Air Balloon Hunter Valley

To the skies

The only sound that could be heard was the cooling down of metal, really hot metal.

It croaked and stuttered as it took a break from the fiery furnace bursting out gaseous energy into the enormous rainbow-coloured balloon that floated above us and kept us floating above the ground.

The breaks from the hot air bursts allowed the calm of the mid-morning air 2000 feet over the earth absorb into my skin.

The gentle breeze, refreshing on my skin after the heat enveloping me from the gas burners beside me and the scalding burn of the rising sun.

The silence took hold of me as I breathed and watched the beauty of the world go by as we floated over the valley.

view of hunter valley from above
The Valley

I would like to say we glided, but the air was so still we really did not move very far. 1.8 miles in an hour to be exact, a little faster than what I could walk.

But, we almost didn’t even make it up from the launch site.

This was our second attempt at hot air ballooning over the Hunter Valley. We tried 3 weeks ago, but it was cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions. You won’t have me arguing about that decision.

This time the 4:30am recorded message told us that we were ready to go and so with sweaters on we stepped out into the pre-dawn chilly darkness to start inflating the balloon to take to the skies.

blowing up hot air balloon
Ready for the Hot Air

The cast of twenty eagerly stood around with cameras clicking as we watched the three-man crew get to work on inflating the…

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