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6 Unique Things To Do In Longreach, Outback Queensland

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If you’re looking for another small town in Outback Queensland to get off the beaten path in, then you may want to cast your eyes towards Longreach.

Known for its aviation history, this tiny town with less than 3,500 residents packs a punch. It may be small, but there are plenty of things to do in Longreach that make it worthy of a visit.

What makes a trip to Longreach worth it, is that you can easily reach other nearby towns and attractions. You can incorporate a solar gazing experience that will blow your mind at the Cosmos Centre in Charleville and chase dinosaurs and sing Waltzing Matilda in Winton, for example.

Longreach will amaze and surprise you. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, even if we did visit during a drought!

Apart from seeing the dry as a bone earth, the drought did not affect our trip at all. We still saw plenty of kangaroos and emus, beautiful scenery and met many wonderful locals.

Here’s what to do in Longreach, Outback Queensland for anyone thinking of making a stop here.

Disclaimer: We visited Longreach in partnership with Tourism Queensland as part of our Outback Queensland drive, but all thoughts, ideas and opinions in this guide are our own.

Things to Do in Longreach

1. Learn About Aviation at The Qantas Founders Museum

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In case you didn’t know, Longreach was where Qantas began back in 1920. We have been Qantas frequent flyers forever, and are big fans of the airline so it was a treat to learn more about how this great Australian company was started here in the Outback heartland.

Back in the early 1900s Outback communities were truly isolated and any contact with the outside world was limited and took days of traveling on wild outback roads.

Hudson Fysch and Paul McGinness both pilots during World War I had realised how needed an airline service was when they made an arduous fifty-one day, 2179km road trip in a Ford Model T.

It nearly failed many times, but the founders dug deep into their creative and entrepreneurial sides to innovate and find the funding they needed to grow it into the company it is today.

Visiting this museum helps you to get to know the soul of this iconic Aussie brand and to see the Australian grit behind it that has been part of our culture since white people arrived to try and tame this harsh and unforgiving land.

A grit many in Longreach are currently…

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