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Spooky Games To Pack For Your Camping Trip

Ghost with a lantern in a field (photo: Monstera Production,

Did you know that in the UK, camping ranks as one of the top choices for a weekend getaway, with over 60% of campers seeking unique experiences? But here’s a twist for thrill-seekers: combining the rustic charm of camping with the intrigue of spooky games is becoming a new trend.

Imagine the British countryside, with its rich history and folklore, as the perfect backdrop for a night of ghostly tales and paranormal adventures. 

Ghost with a lantern in a field (photo: Monstera Production,
Ghost in a field (photo: Monstera Production)

Taking a camping trip can be exciting. If you are into spooky and supernatural things, packing in some spooking games can add to the excitement of passing the time. 

Going to a campsite known for being haunting sites or having eerie vibes can heighten the tension of being spooked by a ghost.

You can visit SpiritShack to find more spooky tips to make your camping trip more fun. Let’s discuss how you can add spookiness to your camping trip. 

Spooky Games

Playing board games, which form part of the usual camping trip activities, can be relaxing, but why not make things more interesting? Here are some spooky games you can add to your camping trip. 

Flashlight Tag

This game only requires a flashlight and all members to participate. One person has to be the designated ghost who will try to catch the rest of their flashlight beam. 

Campfire Stories 

Everyone gathers around the campfire and shares spooky tales. Give each person in the circle the chance to tell a story to spook the rest.

You can also listen to creepy stories from podcasts or urban legends, especially if you find narratives about the area you find yourself in. This is a surefire way to increase the scariness factor.  

Another game that can be played around the campfire is charades. Players can act out famous horror movies and characters, and other players must guess who they are. 

Ghost in the Graveyard 

Ghosts in the Graveyard is a classic spooky game that can be played while camping. One person is labeled the ghost and hides while the other participants try to find them. The goal is to find the ghost before it tags you. 

Paranormal Investigation 

Go on a paranormal investigation while camping; bring a ghost-hunting kit or other equipment like voice recorders and EMF meters to explore the campsite for any occurrences that can become eerie. 

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for spooky-themed items that can be found in the dark. You can…

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