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5 Best Ways to Get Proof of Onward Travel (Free & Paid)

5 Best Ways to Get Proof of Onward Travel (Free & Paid)

No matter how accustomed I am to travel, that feeling of anxiety as I approach ANY immigration counter always persists. Thankfully, I’ve never been denied boarding (*knock on wood*), I have a clean record, and I’ve also done this process for probably thousands of times with nothing to hide or lie about… Yet my fear persists, and if I think about… I guess the feeling is partly due to my weak third world passport and the natural complexities imposed by many countries upon entry — or even upon exit. (Proof of Onward Travel)

Now, one of those things that immigration and even airline counters ask about would be proof of onward travel. Certain countries require this for entry, some airlines during pre-boarding, and certain consulates as a component of visa applications. That being said, for flexible travelers, the prospect of booking a return flight beforehand feels restrictive as it goes against the idea that they want to make no distinct plans. This becomes even more frustrating for digital nomads with open-ended plans, unsure of which country they will go to next…

Despite the seeming absurdity, backpackers, digital nomads, and all types of travelers will eventually face requests for proof of onward travel as part of a country’s legal ingress or egress procedures. (In fact, your own country likely imposes the same process to prevent foreigners from illegally staying).

Rest assured, there’s NO need to worry! Providing proof of onward travel is easy and the 5 best methods listed below guarantee a hassle-free journey, helping you avoid last-minute disputes at immigration or check-in counters anywhere.

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What is a Proof of Onward Travel?

Proof of onward travel is essentially a document or piece of evidence demonstrating that you have planned and confirmed arrangements to leave your destination country within a specified period.

This document doesn’t have to exclusively be a ticket to your home country; it can also be a ticket to a neighboring country or just about anywhere as long as you have transportation reservations that confirm your plan to leave your destination country at some point.

“Who usually requires proof of onward travel?”

There are primarily 3 places that this is often asked for:

  1. At the airline check-in gate or desk
    For international flights, the agent at the check-in counter will usually request proof of onward travel before issuing your boarding pass. Even if you…

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