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Benefits of a Pop Up Truck Camper vs Regular Truck Camper

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Updated January 22, 2024

The best pop-up truck campers with bathrooms give you the flexibility to camp just about anywhere. Perched atop the bed of a pickup, truck campers can go where other RVs can’t.

Pop-up truck campers are even more versatile because of their lower profile for traveling down the road. Truck campers, by necessity, also have compact floorplans. Typically, these floorplans don’t allow room for onboard bathrooms, but there are exceptions.

The best pop-up truck campers with bathrooms are rugged, versatile, compact, and filled with all life’s daily essentials. Like a turtle with its shell, you’ll be able to carry all you need atop your truck wherever you go.

Benefits of a Pop-Up Truck Camper vs. Regular Truck Camper

Benefits of a Pop Up Truck Camper vs Regular Truck Camper

Pop-up truck campers have several benefits over regular hard-shell truck campers. When collapsed, a pop-up truck camper rises just inches above the truck cab. This means the camper is more aerodynamic while traveling down the road. 

The low profile makes a pop-up truck camper both easier and more fuel-efficient to drive. You’ll also feel more stable and less likely to tip as you drive with this type of truck camper.

Former tent campers will also appreciate soft-side pop-up truck campers’ sounds, smells, and breezes. 

8 Pop-Up Truck Campers with Bathrooms

Pop-up truck campers with bathrooms are rare. Unfortunately, a handful of luxury truck campers have dry bathrooms because the square footage simply doesn’t allow it. 

Some truck campers do have dedicated spaces for a built-in cassette toilet or porta-potties. A few pop-up truck campers even make room for a shower pan. With the shower privacy curtain pulled, the space becomes a wet bath.

To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best pop-up truck campers with bathrooms. 

1. Hallmark Cuchara

Hallmark Cuchara ExteriorHallmark Cuchara Exterior
Hallmark Cuchara InteriorHallmark Cuchara Interior
Hallmark Cuchara FloorplanHallmark Cuchara Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Full-height bathroom thanks to the folding walls

⛔ Three-burner stove is awfully close to the side wall and fridge wall, including the outlets

  • Category: 3/4 ton (very few 1/2-tons)
  • Length: 180”
  • Center of Gravity: 43″
  • Cargo Bed: Long bed
  • UVW: 1,893 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4

Hallmark Cuchara pop-up truck campers come in either the hard side…

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