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Oneworld to Launch Alliance-Wide Upgrades

Oneworld to Launch Alliance-Wide Upgrades

Later this year, Oneworld plans to introduce alliance-wide upgrades on a select group of member airlines. As reported by Executive Traveller, implementing the feature has been in the works since 2020, and Oneworld now has plans to go live with it in 2024.

When the feature becomes available, loyalty program members from Oneworld partners will be able to upgrade to a higher class of service on a number of different airlines using points from various programs.

Oneworld to Launch Alliance-Wide Upgrades

In 2024, Oneworld plans to introduce alliance-wide upgrade awards to some of its member airlines. The plan has been in the works for a few years, and it appears that the alliance is getting closer to making it a reality.

Once implemented, this means that you’ll be able to use points from one program, such as British Airways Executive Club, to upgrade the class of service on flights with a different Oneworld carrier, such as Qantas. There will be a number of conditions tied to upgrades, which have yet to be detailed.

It might be possible to use Avios to upgrade to Qantas First Class with Oneworld alliance-wide upgrades

At the outset, alliance-wide upgrades will only be possible with a few Oneworld carriers; however, it’s not yet known which airlines will be eligible for alliance-wide upgrades.

Likewise, there isn’t any information about which fares will be eligible for upgrades, how upgrade inventory will be tracked, or which loyalty programs you can use to book alliance-wide upgrades.

It’s likely that you’ll be able to upgrade all the way to First Class, and with carriers such as Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qatar Airways in the Oneworld alliance, there could be some intriguing possibilities.

Will Oneworld alliance-wide upgrades be available for Qatar Airways First Class?

However, without knowing the eligible fares, the costs to upgrade, and the availability of upgrades, it’s impossible to say how good of a deal Oneworld’s alliance-wide upgrades could be. 

Given that you likely won’t be able to upgrade from discounted fares, and that there will be restrictions as to which flights have upgrade space, it’s not necessarily going to be a slam-dunk deal.

On the other hand, it’s a feature not currently available in the Oneworld alliance, and when it launches, it could be of use to some passengers.

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