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10 Best 2024 Class A Motorhomes With Opposing Slides

How Much Are Class A Motorhomes?

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Class A motorhomes with opposing slides play to a larger market than the casual RVer might think. Most Class A motorhomes are roughly 8′ wide inside and, while that’s perfectly fine for many, it’s still a bit claustrophobic for others.

Opposing slides solve that problem while allowing RV manufacturers some extra leeway with various innovations. It’s a growing tactic among small Class As, and it’s the smart way to go when you stop and think about it.

A small Class A with opposing slides looks like a small house when they’re extended. Taking a small package and making it larger when camping is a huge selling point.

Plus, there are practical reasons to go with a smaller Class A, and throwing in a way to make it bigger when you’re not on the move, is just icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for Class A motorhomes, with opposing slides, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover 10 of the best, along with their respective features and also some features you may not have considered.

How Much Are Class A Motorhomes?

How Much Are Class A Motorhomes?

Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? Class A motorhomes are huge—basically, houses on wheels that are capable of accommodating large families comfortably. But, you have to pay for it. On the low end, you’re looking at $125k. Give or take a few thousand.

On the high end, we’re talking millions. In fact, our list of Class As with opposing slides includes at least one that’s a shade under a million. Throw in taxes, fees, insurance, and everything else, it’s easily over a million dollars. The funny thing is, it’s not even the most expensive of the Class A motorhomes out there.

In a lot of ways, RVs are like cars. When you want an awesome car but don’t want to pay top dollar, get the base model. You can always add on some third-party devices or peripherals later. Motorhomes are the same. As the included options increase, so does the price.

The other, major driving force behind price is brand. Airstreams and Tiffins aren’t necessarily better or worse than similar models from other brands. However, Airstream and Tiffin demanded a high price because of the name stamped on the outside of the RV.

You can minimize this by looking for used luxury…

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