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Why Do Most Class B Motorhomes Not Have Slide-outs?

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If you’re in the market for a compact Class B motorhome, you might have asked yourself, do Class B motorhomes have slide-outs? Since we tour and review hundreds of RVs each year, we can answer that very question in this article. Let’s go in-depth on Class B slide-outs. 

RV makers have several tools in their toolkit to help maximize the limited space inside a motorhome. One of the most powerful tools at their disposal is the classic slide-out.

These expandable sections of your RV retract so you can safely navigate the highway, then extend to massively increase your living space. 

It’s not uncommon for Class A and Class C motorhomes to have slide-outs and many have multiple sides. Class B motorhomes, however, are much smaller so slide-outs are actually pretty rare.

What Is A Class B Motorhome?

Before we get to the topic of Class B slide-outs, let’s talk about what a Class B motorhome actually is.

In case you don’t know already, there are three main classes of motorhome: A, B, and C. A bit unintuitively, the smallest size of the three is the Class B motorhome.

Class B RVs, in addition to their small size, are defined by being built primarily on van chassis rather than bus or truck chassis like Class As and Cs. Due to this, Class B motorhomes are commonly referred to as “camper vans.” 

A variety of vans chassis are used to make Class B motorhomes, but the most common (at least in North America) are the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ram Promaster, and Ford Transit. 

Do Class B Motorhomes Come With Slide Outs?

So, now we come to our main question: do Class B motorhomes come with slideouts?

Simply put, not usually. The vast majority of Class B motorhomes do not come with slide-outs. However, that doesn’t mean there are no Class B motorhomes with slide-outs.

In fact, there are a few options presently on the market, although most of them are larger Class B+ motorhomes with more space for a slide-out.

As demand continues to grow for Class Bs with more space, we’ll likely see more Class Bs with slide-outs hitting the market in the coming years. 

Why Do Most Class B Motorhomes Not Have Slide-outs?

Why Do Most Class B Motorhomes Not Have Slide-outs?

Class A and C RVs commonly feature slide-outs, so why don’t class…

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