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10 Best Beaches in Istanbul (+ Nearby)

Aerial Drone View of Caddebostan / Istanbul Seaside

You probably already know that Istanbul is a huge city with so much to see and do. What you might not realize is that it’s also home to some fantastic beach spots to enjoy in the summer months too; even I was surprised to learn this. But, the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming and sunbathing are scattered all around the city, so, you need to have an idea of where to head.

The first time I visited Istanbul, I thought it was all sightseeing and food, and I was totally up for both of those things. Then, my husband suggested we go to the beach; I remember staring at him like he was crazy—beaches in Istanbul? But it turns out he wasn’t losing his mind after all, and there are many beautiful beach spots to enjoy if you feel like a change from sightseeing.

Choosing the best Istanbul beach for you is about pre-planning, like most things in this city. You won’t find swimming spots in the center of Istanbul but venture just a small distance out, and you’ll notice a totally different vibe. Now, heading for a beach day is one of my favorite things to do in the city, and it’s a wonderful way to wind down after all the sightseeing and craziness.

10 Best Beaches in Istanbul

If you want to find the best beaches in Istanbul, you’ll need some prior knowledge; these aren’t places you’ll find advertised in regular tourist information. But that’s where I come in! I’ve put together this list of 10 fantastic beaches in, and very close to, Istanbul, giving you all the information you need to find the best spot for your day’s R&R. From party beaches to nature and chill-out spots, we’ve got a bit of everything.

1. Caddebostan Plajı (Best Location)

Aerial Drone View of Caddebostan / Istanbul Seaside

Caddebostan Plajı is one of the best beaches close to Istanbul; in fact, it’s the closest to the main sights. Located just a few minutes away from downtown Kadiköy, you can walk along the coastal promenade or take a taxi. Once there, the waters are calm, and there are plenty of facilities for a great day on the sand.

This is the first beach I ever went to in Istanbul, and I had a great time. It’s fun to sit on the sand and watch the ferries head out to the Princes Islands as you enjoy the sun. I think this is also possibly the cleanest beach in Istanbul, and if not, it certainly rivals any others. It’s a great spot for families, but it can get very busy during the weekends and school holidays.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around the beach if you…

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