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A Guide to the Philippine’s Rare and Underrated Destinations

Marlboro Country Batanes by Rexy Quieta via Unsplash

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A Guide to the Philippine’s Rare and Underrated Destinations

Explore the Philippines’ Rare and Undiscovered Destinations

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands. It’s home to breathtaking beaches and emerald rice fields. Popular destinations like Boracay and Palawan often steal the spotlight. Yet, there are less famous spots to explore and enjoy.

Before embarking on your journey, you need to get the eTravel Pass. This mandatory rule ensures a safe and organized entry into the country. With your eTravel Pass in hand, you’re ready to explore the Philippines’ lesser-known yet mesmerizing places.

Marlboro Country Batanes by Rexy Quieta via Unsplash

1. Batanes: The Northern Serenity

Batanes, often referred to as “The Northern Serenity,” is a unique and enchanting destination in the Philippines. It is a group of islands located at the country’s northernmost tip. It stands out for its rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and deep blue waters. It often draws comparisons to the landscapes of Scotland or New Zealand.

What makes Batanes special is its preserved cultural heritage. The Ivatan people maintain a traditional lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. Their stone houses, designed to withstand typhoons, symbolize their adaptability and ingenuity.

The islands are less commercialized compared to other tourist spots in the Philippines.

  • How to Get There: Reach Batanes via a flight from Manila to Basco. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Duration of Stay: A 4-5 day trip is ideal to fully experience Batanes.
  • What to Do: Explore the rolling hills, traditional Ivatan houses, and the breathtaking Marlboro Country. Take advantage of the sunrise at Valugan Boulder Beach.
  • Local Cuisine: Try Ivatan dishes like “Lunis,” a local pork dish, and “Uvud Balls,” a meatball dish made from banana pith.
  • Insider Tip: Rent a bicycle or a motorbike to navigate the island at your own pace.
White Villas Resort in Siquijor
White Villas Resort in Siquijor

2. Siquijor: The Island of Fire

Siquijor, known as “The Island of Fire,” is a small island famous for its stunning white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush, unspoiled landscapes.

What sets Siquijor apart is its rich folklore and mystique. The island is immersed in stories of sorcery, curative ceremonies, and extraordinary occurrences. It contributes to an alluring dimension to its already captivating essence.

Consider visiting the old Balete tree, which locals believe to be enchanted. You may also want to visit…

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