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The 15 BEST Places to Visit in Japan (2024 Guide)

Places To Visit In Japan, Osaka, Crowd, Busy Street

From seeing a geisha show or walking the famous Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto to exploring the bustling metropolis of Tokyo or staring out at Mount Fuji, here’s our list of the best places to visit in Japan.

Japan is a close-knit island nation that is known for its beautiful cities, unique food, amusement parks, temples, shrines, hot springs, and more.

Hidden gems and beautiful palaces are scattered around the country, from tiny villages right up to the commercial areas in Japan, such as Hiroshima, Osaka or Tokyo.

Travellers flock to Japan to see the beauty of cherry blossom season, or to hike Mount Fuji, ski in the Japan Alps, eat delectable sushi, and more.

But there are lots of unexpected things to do in Japan as well.

Character or animal cafés, vending machines offering a vast array of items, and aquariums showcasing rare and unique marine life are just a few of the best and most interesting things you can view while in Japan.

Don’t travel to Japan without reading our ultimate travel guide!

Places To Visit In Japan, Osaka, Crowd, Busy Street
Busy streets of Osaka – one of the amazing places to visit in Japan

The Best Places to Visit in Japan

Overall, there are so many must-see and must-experience places to visit in Japan due to the nation’s rich history, location, and culture.

If you’re planning a trip, make sure you use this list to make the most out of your travel to Japan.

1) Tokyo

Tokyo, the capitol of Japan, is obviously one of the best places to go in central Japan. While Kyoto is viewed as the spiritual center of Japan, Tokyo is seen as the most popular, busiest, and most significant city in the country, and there is no question why.

If you are wondering just what to do in Japan, it’s common knowledge that starting in Tokyo would have you covered as a perfect introduction to the country.

Of course, the city is largely commercialised and there are endless activities to do, especially if you are looking for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On a clear winter day it is even possible to have views of Mount. Fuji in the distance!

It is important, however, to not forget the little things you can visit and explore – from simple and quiet parks to humble and interesting cafés or the occasional shrine or temple.

One unique place to visit in Tokyo would be Neko JaLaLa, a cat-themed cafe that offers more than your usual coffee destination in Tokyo.

There should be no question as to why Tokyo is famous and beloved for its several towers and overall interesting architecture. Buildings like…

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