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Bilt Rent Day Promotion February 2024: Up to 150% Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

Bilt Rent Day Promotion February 2024: Up to 150% Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

Each month, Bilt Rewards launches its Rent Day promotion, which offers a host of benefits to its members. The promotion is available to anyone who engages with Bilt Rewards, including cardholders of the Bilt World Elite Mastercard®.

For the February 2024 Rent Day promotion, members can receive up to a 150% bonus when transferring Bilt Points to Aeroplan, in addition to a number of other perks.

Bilt Rent Day Promotion: Up to 150% Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

The Bilt Rent Day promotion runs from 12am Eastern Time to 11:59pm Pacific Time on February 1, 2024.

During this timeframe, you can earn a transfer bonus of up to 150% when you convert Bilt Points into Aeroplan points.

The transfer bonus depends on your Bilt Rewards status, and is structured as follows:

  • Blue status: 75% transfer bonus
  • Silver status: 100% transfer bonus
  • Gold status: 125% transfer bonus
  • Platinum status: 150% transfer bonus

Bilt Points transfer to Aeroplan at a 1:1 ratio without any bonus in effect. Therefore, with the above transfer bonuses in mind, you can benefit from the following elevated transfer ratios for Rent Day February 2024:

  • Blue status: 1 Bilt Point = 1.75 Aeroplan points
  • Silver status: 1 Bilt Point = 2 Aeroplan points
  • Gold status: 1 Bilt Point = 2.25 Aeroplan points
  • Platinum status: 1 Bilt Point = 2.5 Aeroplan points

With Blue status, you need to transfer at least 2,000 points, while with any other status, you can transfer as few as 1,000 points.

For example, if you have Platinum status, for every 1,000 Bilt Points you transfer to Aeroplan on Rent Day, you’ll receive 2,500 Aeroplan points.

As a reminder, Bilt Rewards status is obtained through reaching qualifying points or spending thresholds.  The full breakdown of Bilt Rewards status levels can be found on the Bilt Rewards website.

This is a great opportunity to pad your Aeroplan balance with a very generous transfer bonus, especially if you have an immediate use for your points. 

Since Rent Day promotions are announced a few days prior to the beginning of each month, you should have plenty of time to search for an award and then leverage the upcoming transfer bonus.

Boost your Aeroplan balance with the February 2024 Rent Day transfer bonus promotion

It’s worth noting that the transfer bonus is only valid during the Rent Day promotional period on February 1, 2024, and the bonus earned is based on your status as of the beginning of…

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