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11 Very Best Things To Do In Genoa, Italy – Hand Luggage Only

Best Things To Do In Genoa, Italy cathedral di San Lorenzo

Italy is an incredible country to explore! However, with so many beautiful Italian cities to choose from, it can get tricky when choosing which to visit. That being said, if you’re in the north of Italy, then make sure to visit Genoa. You see, there are so many of the best things to do in Genoa dotted all across the city; making it a great stop for a city. 

Look, there’s no beating around the bush, Genoa is quite an underrated Italian city to visit and often gets overlooked. I hear what you’re saying, why Genoa when you have the likes of Milan, Bologna or Lake Como relatively close by?

Well, there’s heaps of history, incredible forts and a vibrant city centre that’s great for a weekend trip. 

So, to help you get the most out of your trip, I’m sharing my top places in Genoa you can’t miss. Have an amazing time exploring Italy. 

1.) Cathedral Of San Lorenzo

A visit to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is a must in Genoa. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best things to do in Genoa for its sheer grandeur alone.

Built in the 1100s, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo has heaps of history that’s so epic to see and stroll around today. Best of all, there are so many preserved naves, artefacts and jewels that have made up the cathedral for many centuries. 

Best Things To Do In Genoa, Italy Best Things To Do In Genoa, Italy cathedral di San Lorenzo

You start with the incredible doors welcoming you into the cathedral and once you’re in head over to the incredibly detailed altar. It is amazing. We loved seeing ‘The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence‘. It’s a vast painting or fresco on the top of the presbytery vault. It’s just beautiful. 

To make things easier, book this 2-hour walking tour of Genoa. You’ll get to see the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Palazzi dei Rolli and so much more. Just be sure to book this ticket before arriving in Genoa. Tickets can sell out at peak times. 

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2.) Old Port Of Genoa

Best Things To Do In Genoa, Italy Harbour Port

Now like I mentioned earlier, Genoa is famous for being a port city and has been one of the most important ones in Italy so a visit to Genoa is not complete without a visit to the harbour. Plus, it’s gorgeous for an afternoon stroll. 

You can do a tour dedicated to the Old Port but, I think it’s easy to do alone. Plus, it gives you ample time to stroll at your own pace and stop off for a bite to eat.

Though, make sure to leave enough time for the Genoa Aquarium. Just make sure to book this timed-entry ticket to the world-renowned Genoa…

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