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The BEST Camera Accessories – Photography Essentials [2024]

The BEST Camera Accessories - Photography Essentials [2024]

Ready to take your photography to the next level? Our expert guide to the best camera accessories will help you narrow down the exact essentials you need to consider.

Once you start getting more and more into photography you quickly realise that there are certain tools that are essential tot make your life easier, and your photos more creative.

Some of these accessories are necessary for your camera to work, and some will simply help you take better photos.

After the success of our popular best travel cameras article (helping over 2 million photographers to date!) we received countless emails from people asking what photo camera accessories we use and recommend.

Whether you’ve bought the best travel camera you can find or are just a hobbyist, trying to choose the best camera accessories is something you seriously need to consider.

Our Expert Guide to the Best Camera Accessories and Essentials

With the thousands of photo camera accessories on the market these days it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out what every photography actually needs.

Even more confusing is trying to determine how much you should spend on what. How can one SD card be worth $5, while another one is $200? Why do some tripods come in at over $1500?

And camera bags? Don’t even get us started on the different choices in camera bags…

Well never fear, because after working as professional photographers for a decade we have worked our way through the endless options and have now narrowed down the exact camera essentials budding photographers need, right down to the best brands and products!

We’ve put together this camera accessories list, not necessarily just for the professionals out there, but also for the entry-level and amateur photographers who want to know where to start.

All of these are products that we’ve owned, used, or had personal experience with in our journey going from complete amateurs to professional travel photographers.

We don’t recommend something that we wouldn’t use ourselves, or tell our best friend to buy.

If you already know what you are looking for, jump to the top camera accessories you are interested in:

This isn’t a comprehensive list of every single camera attachment on the market. Instead it is mainly for the recommended camera accessories that most photographers would need.

We’ve left out the high-end specialist accessories like microphones (side note, we love the Rode Videomic) sliders, gimbals and light boxes, because…

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