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Travel Packing Tips For Backpackers for 2024

Travel Packing Tips For Backpackers

So you’ve made the life-changing decision to go backpacking around the world. Excellent! You’ll never turn back!

But now you’ll need some travel packing tips to know what to take with you and to get the most out of your limited storage on the road.

My first time leaving home with a backpack I over-packed dramatically. I did so because I didn’t know what to pack or how to pack.

It got so bad that one time I bought some wheels for my backpack so I didn’t have to wear it.

Now how bad is that! It totally defeats the purpose of ‘backpacking’! Very lazy and a total rookie mistake.

After many years now I am wiser and a lot better at knowing what to pack. Here are some tips I learned the hard way that will make your first backpacking experience much easier on your back!

Travel Packing Tips For Backpackers
How to pack all this into two backpacks?

Now, Show Me The Travel Packing Tips!

These are our friend – our best friend. We have had top loader backpacks for a while now and having these are a lifesaver. When you put something down the bottom of your bag, all you have to do is pull out the cells and there it is! I have 4 cells (they come in different sizes). One for shirts, one for pants/shorts, one for underwear, and the other for random things. I can fit so much into them. No matter what type of luggage you choose, these are the greatest thing ever! Best way is to lay it flat, not roll. Get yours on Amazon!

Great to compact your larger clothing items, like a jumper/sweater or sleeping bags. We have compacted our sleeping bags into small compression sacks to make them smaller. They have been especially useful when we had to pack heavier clothes for cold-weather climates, which you may not be grabbing every day. Buy it on Amazon.

Unless the sun is shining and it’s really hot where you are travelling to, everyone needs a towel to dry themselves after a shower. We have tried a couple of micro fibre towels and our favourite is the chamois-like material. It dries you better and also dries itself quickly. Grab a towel here.

During the day I will use them as shorts, but in the evening I will turn them into pants. All I have to do is zip off the legs. These pants/shorts combos are awesome. They usually have many pockets that, while not the most fashionable, are extremely useful when you need to carry many different items on you (passport, wallet, map, etc). They come in all styles, so you will be able to find a mutual colour to go with everything. They are also light and…

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