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1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Chevy

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Truck campers for half-ton trucks are an interesting combination. From a bird’s eye view, they seem like a dichotomy. Does a half-ton have enough payload capacity to handle one of these things? As it turns out, they do, and the selection is no longer as limiting as it once was.

If you’re in love with hard-side truck campers, this is where you’ll run into the most problems. There are some out there, however, especially with continuing improvements in lightweight material usage and technology.

In fact, some of the advancements in lightweight truck camper manufacturing are surprising, mostly because it’s done without sacrificing durability and safety.

Overall, there are an impressive number of truck campers out there, specifically designed for half-tons. With a list like this, you no longer have to worry about upgrading your truck just to have the truck camper you want.

What is a ½ Ton Pickup Truck?

1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Chevy
Half-ton trucks, like this 1950 Chevy 3100, built in the Antique (1910-1944) and Early Vintage Era (1945-1970), could haul up to 1,000 lbs; hence “half-ton.”

A ½ ton pickup truck is considered a light-duty truck that you can use for smaller hauling and utility needs (compared to medium and heavy-duty commercial-level trucks). Depending on their individual capacity, they’re a great option for hauling a truck camper.

The term half-ton came from older 1/2 trucks that could haul up to 1,000 pounds. Modern half-ton trucks can exceed that amount.

Here is a brief range of payload capacities for the popular half-ton trucks and EV pickup trucks. Make sure you find the exact capacity for your truck before you purchase a ½ ton truck camper (All payload capacities are based on 2022 models).

Popular Half-Ton Truck Gas Models

Brand Model Series Min Payload (lbs.) Max Payload (lbs.)
Ford F-Series 150 1,400 2,443
Nissan Titan 1,502 2,398
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2,116 2,443
GMC Sierra 1500 2,116 2,443
Dodge Ram 1500 1,310 2,325
Toyota Tundra 1,600 1,940

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Truck campers for half-ton trucks are full of surprises, mostly with how they pack a sizeable amount of livability into small spaces.

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