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Entrence to the Adria motorhomes plant with a Adria sign along the entry

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If you’ve ever seen a European motorhome, you might have been drawn to its unique looks and smart features. One particularly notable brand of European RVs is Adria Motorhomes, which produces a variety of RVs that are popular all across Europe.

If you’ve heard about Adria, you might even be wondering, are Adria Motorhomes available in the US?

In this article, we’ll answer just that question, while taking a closer look at Adria Motorhomes and how to potentially get your hands on one. 

Who Makes Adria Motorhomes?

Entrence to the Adria motorhomes plant with a Adria sign along the entry
Adria Mobile is a well-known European RV manufacturer

Adria Motorhomes is a popular brand of European mobile homes made by the Slovenian company Adria Mobil. The company was first founded in 1965 and launched its first motorhome in 1982. Over the years, they’ve built a reputation for quality RVs that are known for durability, functionality, and comfort. 

Adria produces a variety of RVs, including travel trailers or caravans for our European readers, and of course, Class A, B, and C motorhomes. These RVs are very popular across Europe, particularly Western Europe. 

Where Are Adria Motorhomes Built?

Drone view of the large Adria Motorhomes plant in SloveniaDrone view of the large Adria Motorhomes plant in Slovenia

All Adria Motorhomes are built at their Slovenian headquarters. The facility is located in the city of Novo Mesto.

This is the primary manufacturing and assembly site for all of their RVs, and they’ve been based in Novo Mesto since their founding. 

Are Adria Motorhomes Available In The US?

Want your own Adria Motorhome? Well, we have bad news, and we have good news (and then some bad news again).

Bad news first: there are no dealers whatsoever in the US for Adria Motorhomes. This is far from unique to Adria; most European RVs are not available in the US. This largely comes down to the difficulty and cost of approving these RVs for the US market, as we have completely different sets of laws.

And this is before considering the cost of tariffs, which could lead to inflated prices for imported RVs. 

Good news: If you’re really set on an Adria Motorhome, it is possible to import one from Europe. But, bad news again: the process is neither easy nor cheap. 

For one, you’ll pay quite a bit of money for the privilege of importing your motorhome. You’re looking at import…

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