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Is Puerto Rico Safe To Visit in 2024? Travel Warnings And Safety Tips

IS Puerto Rico Safe to Travel Beautiful beach in Puerto Rico

We love Puerto Rico and have been lucky enough to visit a couple of times. It is that perfect combination of culture, cuisine, and stunning natural beauty. With everything from rainforests to pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that we fell in love with Puerto Rico and so will you. But, just like any other travel destination, safety is something you have to consider before visiting. We constantly are answering comments specifically asking “Is Puerto Rico safe?”. Well, in this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with essential safety tips to ensure that your trip to Puerto Rico is not only memorable but also trouble-free.

Is Puerto Rico Safe for Tourists?

Puerto Rico, generally deemed safe for tourists, makes it a really popular Caribbean destination, and for good reason. But, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Awareness about potential risks like crime and natural disasters, coupled with appropriate precautions, is always a good idea. While Puerto Rico has its share of gun crimes, drug trafficking, and theft, tourists are rarely targeted by serious crimes. We recommend areas of the island like Luquillo, Vieques, and Dorado to base yourself as they are both beautiful and safe.

San Juan, the bustling capital city, is generally safe for tourists, especially in popular neighborhoods such as Old San Juan, Santurce, Isla Verde, Miramar, and Condado. Visitors should be aware that certain areas in Puerto Rico, such as Piones, Santurce, Parque de las Palomas, Puerta de Tierra, and Louis Lloren Torres public housing complex, should not be visited after dark. It’s best to avoid these places for safety reasons. Petty crime is the most common risk faced by tourists, including theft, pickpocketing, and scams, so needless to say, keep your wits about you.

Short Summary

  • Puerto Rico is a safe destination for tourists, but make sure to check the government website travel alerts and consider them when deciding to visit.
  • Take the usual personal safety and health/medical measures you would use on any other trip, such as avoiding risky areas at night and walking alone in sketchy areas.
  • Research accommodation options carefully when planning family trips or solo travel to Puerto Rico. Adhere to local laws, and watch out for those common travel scams.

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