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A Comprehensive Guide to Visiting the Island of Hvar


Whether you’re seeking a sun-drenched beach retreat, a journey through rich history and culture, or a culinary adventure sampling the island’s renowned wines and cuisine, Hvar has something to offer every traveler. Here are some of the island’s top attractions, activities, and practical tips, so your Hvar getaway is relaxing and well organized.


Getting There and Around

Reaching Hvar is accessible by simply flying into Split’s nearest airport and proceeding with a ferry or catamaran journey to the island. The ferry ride takes about two hours, while the catamaran takes around one hour. If you’re seeking a more luxurious and scenic journey, Yacht Charter Hvar can offer a sail directly to the island, soaking in breathtaking views along the way. Once on the island, you can rent a car, or scooter, or use public transportation to get around. Keep in mind that the roads can be narrow and winding, so be cautious when driving.

  • Ferry and Catamaran Options: The ferry from Split to Hvar runs multiple times a day, with the first departure typically around 6:00 AM and the last one around 9:00 PM. The catamaran schedule is more frequent, with departures almost every hour during peak season. It’s advisable to check the schedule and book your tickets in advance, especially during the summer months when the island is busiest.
  • Alternative Routes: If you’re traveling from Dubrovnik or another nearby city, you can also take a ferry or catamaran to the nearby island of Korčula and then transfer to Hvar. This route might take a bit longer, but it can be a more scenic and enjoyable journey.
  • Public Transportation and Taxis: Once on the island, you can use the local bus service to get around. Buses run regularly between Hvar Town and other parts of the island, including Stari Grad and Jelsa. Taxis are also available, but they can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling long distances. It’s a good idea to ask the driver for an estimate before getting in the taxi.

Wine Tasting

Hvar is also known for its excellent wine, particularly its indigenous grape varieties, such as Plavac Mali and Bogdanuša. Several wineries on the island offer tastings and tours, where you can learn about the winemaking process and sample some of the region’s best wines. Some popular wineries to visit include Tomić Winery, Zlatan Otok, and Duboković.

Exploring Hvar Town

View at amazing archipelago in front of town Hvar, Croatia. Harbor of old Adriatic island town Hvar.

View at amazing archipelago in front of town…

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