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38 Best Things to Do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a city that must be added to any Ireland Itinerary. Located just two hours north of Dublin, Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom (not the Republic of Ireland). It’s a place where the blend of past and present offers an exhilarating array of things to do. Trace the steps of history at the shipyards where the Titanic’s story began, explore its iconic landmarks from tales behind the Crumlin Road Gaol, or meander through the paths of the Botanic Gardens. We took a journey through Belfast, where each corner has a story, and the list of things to do in Belfast unfolds with a treasure trove of experiences.

Top Things to Do in Belfast

When thinking of Belfast in Northern Ireland, people often envision The Troubles of the 20th century, where religions fuelled violence and divided the city (quite literally). The long walls separating the areas of Shankhill Road and Falls Road are still standing today. However, the Northern Ireland Executive is working to dismantle them. It has been a slow process, so for now, they are still standing.

During our first few visits to Belfast, we were guilty of focusing only on the troubles and doing day trips to the Causeway Coast. When visiting again, we spent more time in the city center to really discover things to do in Belfast that set it apart from other European cities. Today, Belfast is so much more than a city struggling with religious differences. There are many things to do in Belfast that set it apart from its troubling past and make for an amazing city to visit.

So, stock up on your British pounds and learn how to convert from kilometers to miles, we’re taking you on a journey of all the best places to visit in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1. Titanic Belfast

things to do in belfast northern ireland titanic museum

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular things to do in Belfast is to visit Titanic Belfast. This incredible interactive museum is dedicated to the ill-fated Titanic voyage. The RMS Titanic was built right here in the shipyards of Belfast. This huge museum takes you through the journey of building the Titanic to the rescue of survivors off the coast of Canada.

Titanic Belfast houses multimedia displays that share first-hand account stories playing over loudspeakers as you walk through its galleries showcasing replicas of rooms on the Titanic and relics salvaged from the site.

things to do in belfast northern ireland  titanic museum interior
Inside Titanic Belfast

There’s a Disney-like ride in the middle of the self-guided tour where you…

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