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12 Of The Best Things To Do In Galway – Discover Fun Places To Go In Galway

galway cathedral beyond lake and bridge in guide to things to do in galway ireland

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Galway is a vibrant Irish city in the western region of the Emerald Isle. Among the oldest towns in Ireland, Galway surprises visitors with historic landmarks, fantastic pubs, a beautiful bay, and plenty of day-trip options. Galway is the perfect destination for a well-rounded vacation with history, entertainment, and outdoor activities.

Ancient-looking churches, stunning castles that seem to belong to a fantasyland, and the roaring Atlantic Ocean are among the reasons why if you haven’t planned a trip to Galway yet, you should start ASAP. 

This article is your source for the best things to do in Galway. If you are planning an Irish getaway, you will want to include the City of the Tribes, and you will get all you need to know here.

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Here’s what we’re covering:

Things To Do In Galway

galway cathedral beyond lake and bridge in guide to things to do in galway ireland
Image via Flickr by William Murphy

From activities in the city center to great outdoor ones, here is a breakdown of the various attractions you can do in Galway, Ireland.

#1 Dunguaire Castle

distant view of dunguaire castledistant view of dunguaire castle
Image via Flickr by Giuseppe Milo

The first activity on this list of things to do in Galway is not in the city itself. However, it’s a magical place that is one of our favorites. 

Just a short 30-minute drive from Galway, you will find the spectacular Dunguaire Castle. Located on the southeastern shores of Galway Bay, visiting this castle will make you travel back to the 16th century when it was erected. Property of the…

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