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Drombeg Stone Circle: Visit an Ancient Stone Circle in Ireland

Drombeg stone circle or henge

During the Bronze Age (1100-800 BC), a group of people known as Celts lived in Ireland. Celts believed that forces such as wind, rain, and even moonlight were associated with spirits that had the power to grant favors to humans—if said spirits were treated with respect. Bronze Age Celts built structures—such as stone circles that perfectly framed the passage of the sun and moon—to show their reverence for the spirits of nature. Drombeg Stone Circle in Rosscarbery—in the region of West Cork— is one of Ireland‘s most celebrated Bronze Age structures.

Often referred to as the “Druid’s Altar,” Drombeg Stone Circle originally featured 17 stones—of which only 13 still stand today. Historians are not entirely sure of the exact purpose that Drombeg Stone Circle served, though archeologists have determined that the stones line up perfectly with the moon during the midwinter solstice. Historians suspect that the stone circle had some sort of ceremonial importance that was linked to the cycles of the moon and the changing of the seasons.

After Drombeg Stone Circle was excavated in 1957, the cremated remains of a Bronze Age teenager were found in a fire pit in the center of the stones inside of a bag that also contained fragments of pottery that were intentionally smashed. Historians are unsure if they stumbled upon the remnants of an ancient funeral rite, or the aftermath of a human sacrifice.

Drombeg Stone Circle has become a popular destination for travelers who are curious to learn more about Ireland’s mysterious Druids—or, Celtic people who worshipped spirits that they believed were tied to the forces of nature. Drombeg Stone Circle is located in a luscious expanse of green farmland that is often blanketed in mystical fog.

In addition to viewing Drombeg Stone Circle, visitors can explore the ruins of an ancient kitchen, a well with water that was most likely used for ceremonial purposes, and the remnants of 2 stone dwellings. Drombeg Stone Circle and the surrounding area offer a captivating glimpse into Ireland’s pagan past.

Drombeg Stone Circle is a bus ride away from other West Cork attractions such as Blarney Castle, the Blarney Stone, and a sweeping stretch of coastline where you’re likely to see frolicking dolphins if you visit in the spring. No trip to Ireland is complete without venturing…

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