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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Hanoi

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Hanoi

This is my digital nomad guide to living in Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital city is a fantastic location for remote workers to consider calling their home base. It offers the perfect mix of dedicated coworking spaces, culture, and social fun; working remotely in Hanoi has many benefits and I’m happy to share them with you here.

I recently spent a month as a Hanoi digital nomad and loved my time there. There’s a pulsating beat to this capital city that makes it an enthralling and motivating place to work from. There are plenty of patches of tranquility too, and in my digital nomad guide to Hanoi, I’ll outline it all.

About Hanoi

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and second most populous city behind Ho Chi Minh City. Situated in the north of the country it has a population of just under 8.5 million people.

A popular tourist destination, Hanoi welcomes millions of visitors each year. It’s often referred to as the ‘Paris of the East‘ due to the French influence found woven throughout the city. There are over a dozen lakes, many cute European-esque streets, and thousands of French colonial-era buildings.

Many significant cultural attractions add to Hanoi’s appeal as a must-visit destination. The Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the Presidential Palace, and the Grand Opera House, as well as 9 excellent museums, are just a few examples of the many great ways to fill your free time.

Digital Nomad in Hanoi: Personal Experience

Living in Hanoi as a digital nomad for a month was a fun experience. It gave me plenty of time to explore the city, try out a few different coworking spots, and explore a little further afield.

The significant digital nomad scene in Hanoi lends itself to many great amenities that remote workers can take advantage of. Being a hub for tourism, English is quite widely understood if not always spoken, making for a straightforward day-to-day working life.

It’s refreshing to have access to WiFi pretty much everywhere and I love the mix of culture and the social environment that Hanoi offers. The general cost of living also means that a good work/ life balance is easier to attain than in most other places I’ve visited (more on this later).

Is Hanoi Safe?

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When considering a new destination to call home, safety is likely one of the first things to review. I always felt very safe in Hanoi, even at night and in some very chaotic and crowded areas. In general, it’s considered a safe place to visit…

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