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Underrated Islands in the Mediterranean to Visit This Summer

Do you want to visit the Mediterranean – but to go a bit further than the famous islands? In that case, read on as this article unveils the fabulous secret Mediterranean islands to add to your Mediterranean itinerary!

This selection of underrated islands in the Mediterranean to visit this summer is presented by Eddie from the Vanabond Tales.

The Mediterranean is blessed with an abundance of breathtaking islands, each more striking than the last. Yet, while places like Ibiza and Mykonos grab most of the headlines and the crowds, in my experience the most memorable and authentic travel experiences take place well off the beaten path.

Summer memories of hiking through olive groves and over windswept headlands to find empty secret coves. Whiling away golden afternoons on a sunny pebbled beach, cooling off in the crystal clear water, and savouring drawn-out evening meals at a family-run tavern in a sleepy village. Away from the crowds, overpriced restaurants, noisy tourists, and watered-down cocktails.

Luckily there’s a whole other world of Mediterranean islands out there offering summer memories like these, that few people are talking about.

This summer, skip the usual hotspots and take a path less traveled to some seriously underrated islands. Imagine, your own stone cottage, walking down quiet village lanes, having a beach all to yourself, and enjoying authentic local dishes without a tourist menu in sight.

These are some of my favorite undercelebrated, underappreciated, and underrated islands in the Mediterranean. Islands that promise paradise and a genuine slice of local life.

Folegandros, Greece

Folegandros, Greece is one of the best underrated islands in the Mediterranean
Folegandros, Greece

The first place on this list of underrated islands in the Mediterranean takes us to Greece. Folegandros is the unsung hero of the Cyclades. Far from the hectic crowds of Santorini, this rugged island remains a bastion of serenity with its untouched landscapes and traditional Greek charm.

Take a ferry from Piraeus and watch the island appear on the horizon, its cliffs rising dramatically from the Aegean Sea. In the heart of the island lies Chora, a village that seems frozen in time with its white-washed houses and vibrant bougainvillea.

The narrow streets invite leisurely walks, leading you up to the Church of Panagia, perched high above the town. Here, the sunset views over the vast blue are truly unforgettable—no Instagram filters necessary.

Dining here means enjoying the freshest seafood and local wines under the starlit sky….

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