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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge da nang

Welcome to my digital nomad guide to living in Da Nang. Home to everything from stunning beaches and scuba diving to dedicated coworking spaces and an abundance of laptop-friendly cafes.

This epic city is Vietnam’s 5th largest and is ideally located on the central east coast. Often overshadowed by the bigger cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang is a fantastic location with so much to offer. So, if you’re contemplating becoming a Da Nang digital nomad, read on to see why it should be high on your list of Vietnam destinations.

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About Da Nang

Dragon Bridge da nang

With a population of just over a million people, Da Nang seamlessly blends natural beauty, rich history, and modern development. Nestled between lush mountains and the clear waters of the East Sea, it has some of the most incredible beaches I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot!

In stark contrast to this tranquil beach vibe, the city’s skyline is decorated with huge skyscrapers, fabulous hotels, office buildings, and a vibrant social scene. There are also several striking bridges, notably the iconic Dragon Bridge which breathes fire on weekend evenings!

Da Nang is a city steeped in history, but also one that’s embracing modernization with open arms. The city’s development is evident in its world-class resorts, golf courses, and entertainment complexes that cater to tourists from around the world.

Digital Nomad in Da Nang: Personal Experience

da nang beachda nang beach

I had initially intended to use Da Nang as a short stopping-off point en route to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City, but I quickly realized it deserved a closer look. I was ideally located for other awesome locations like Hoi An and Hue and ended up extending my time in Da Nang to explore and make the most of its great facilities.

The combination of beach life and cosmopolitan amenities is perfect for a digital nomad living in Da Nang. As you find yourself amidst towering skyscrapers and modern infrastructure, the city exudes a metropolitan vibe. However, this metropolis sensation swiftly fades away as the ocean and white sandy beaches come into view.

I found Da Nang to be a place that provided the best of both worlds. Additionally, I encountered a significant number of expats, offering me slices of familiarity and Western culture when I craved it.

Da Nang ticked all the boxes for me with its readily available WiFi, low cost of living, and excellent social scene…

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