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Guide To A Harvard University Tour In Boston

brick gate entrance to harvard

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I don’t see my role as a parent to push my children down certain paths, like going to Harvard University, or any college for that matter, but when I was given a chance to tour Harvard University on our trip to Boston, it was something I couldn’t pass up.

It’s not so much the Ivy League prestige of it all that interested me, but more the history and legacy of this great University, which once nurtured some of the greatest minds on the planet.

Former U.S. Presidents Barrack Obama, John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt all went to Harvard, as well as technology geniuses Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

As a parent, I feel it is my duty to open up doors of possibility for my kids, and help them uncover for themselves which is the right door for them to eventually walk through.

So, I couldn’t pass up the chance to tour of Harvard University just to show them what paths are ahead of them. In this guide, I’ve shared what I learned, what there is to see when visiting Harvard University, and what to expect from the tour.

Is A Harvard University Tour Worth It?

Aerial view of the Harvard University campus
Harvard University campus

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Of course you have heard of it.

A visit to this university is not just about weighing up the pros and cons of a Harvard college degree and talking with the current students about what you have to do to get in – it’s about learning about its history and legacy.

A chance to learn about the history, famous faces who attended this prestigious institution and to hear about daily life as a student, are all good reasons to visit Harvard University.

Our Experience Touring Harvard University

A large clock tower in front of a building

On our trip to Boston, I did not want to leave without seeing Harvard for myself and imagining what life as a student in Harvard would be like.

I also wanted the girls to gain an insight into Harvard University Campus life so they could begin to think about their future.

A bench in front of a brick building

How can I help them see what is possible through that door and path, without me telling them about it?

It’s amazing how much children will learn and gravitate towards things when they hear it, or experience it, from people other than their parents.

If I want my girls to learn something in particular to help them grow into extraordinary young women, I often give them a book about it, or send them to …

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