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10 Best Coworking Spaces in Zagreb

zagreb croatia

Zagreb is a capital city unlike any I’ve experienced before. That’s not to say there’s not a huge amount to see and do, because there is. I love Zagreb because it has that authentic vibe, it’s compact and easy to walk around, and if you’re working on the go and looking for coworking spaces in Zagreb, you’ll find plenty.

While working from Zagreb, I almost felt like a local; if I could speak the language I think I’d have 100% immersed myself and achieved local status. For me, this is a place where you can really say you’ve traveled; as far as local life goes, you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive. And that’s what exploring new destinations is about at the end of the day.

The best coworking spaces in Zagreb are dotted around the city, but it’s so easy to move around the different areas that you’ll never be too far away from one. And if you prefer to set up in cafes, you’re good to go there too: Zagreb is a huge coffee lover’s city. Either way, it’s not hard to be productive in Zagreb and then free up some time to go and explore everything this beautiful city has to offer.

Best Coworking Spaces in Zagreb

zagreb croatia

There’s no shortage of cool coworking spots in Zagreb, and I moved around a few in the name of research. Because the capital is such a digital nomad hotspot, you won’t struggle to meet other remote workers; it’s ideal for networking and meeting new friends. I met some great people in Zagreb from all over the world.

As far as work goes, you’ll be pleased to know that Zagreb enjoys high-quality internet speeds, with an average upload and download speed of 50.70 Mbps and 112.94 Mbps respectively. So, where should you go? Well, to help you have as productive a day as possible, I’ve put together a list of my ten favorite coworking spaces in Zagreb.

1. HUB385

laptop remote worklaptop remote work

Out of all the coworking spaces in Zagreb, my favorite is HUB385. This is a sleek, modern, and very comfortable spot that offers everything you need for a productive day. It’s also very popular so you’re sure to meet other digital nomads there.

I really like the decor at this coworking space; it doesn’t have that cold, office-like feel and instead, is a more creative and inspiring space with an interior design to match. It has a pretty long-standing space too as it opened its doors in 2015 and since then, has become a go-to for many remote workers.

I found the internet very fast and reliable, there were plenty of desks…

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