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19 Best Things To Do in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Winnipeg is a surprising city that often gets a bad rap from Canadians. That is because most people who call Winnipeg “Winterpeg” have never been there. The capital of Manitoba has a lot going on, from a hot food scene to plenty of outdoor activities and a history that will blow your mind. That’s just the beginning. Time named Winnipeg one of the world’s greatest places in 2021, so you know there is more to Winnipeg than just being a fly-over destination. So, let’s dive straight into all the best things to do in Winnipeg!

Best of Winnipeg Quick Guide 

things to do in winnipeg manitobathings to do in winnipeg manitoba
  • Must See: The Forks, Assiniboine Park, The Leaf, St. Boniface, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, The Manitoba Museum 
  • Where To Stay: Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown, Fort Garry Hotel, The Inn at the Forks
  • Fun To Do: Folklorama Festival, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Nestwaya River Trail, Winnipeg River Walk 
  • Must Try Foods: Smoked goldeye, Winnipeg rye bread, Imperial cookies, Schmoo torte

Best Things To Do In Winnipeg

The best Winnipeg attractions range from botanical gardens to fantastic art galleries. The city is particularly known for excellent seasonal festivals; you might even want to plan your entire trip around one. Come to Winnipeg, and you’ll get to tour historic buildings, learn about indigenous culture, and possibly even skate on a frozen river.

1. Be Moved at The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

things to do in winnipeg canadian museum of human rightsthings to do in winnipeg canadian museum of human rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the only museum of its kind in the country and one of the most popular Winnipeg attractions. The building is a modernist work of art, while the exhibit inside is thought-provoking and educational.

The museum aims to raise awareness of various human rights issues plaguing Canada and the world. With several core and temporary exhibits, the museum aims to shed light on the rights of humans around the world and how important it is to protect them. 

things to do in winnipeg canadian charter of rightsthings to do in winnipeg canadian charter of rights

The treatment of indigenous people in all corners of the world is a dominant theme in the museum exhibit. It’s explored in detail in exhibits “Canadian Journeys” and “Indigenous Perspectives Gallery” and is also addressed in part in most other collections. The museum’s temporary exhibits have been varied, covering everything from depicting human rights in Star Trek to Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid. 

Other interesting exhibits include one dedicated to Viola Desmond, the first black woman on our Canadian $10 bill. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights also showcases human…

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