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Explore the Abandoned Royse City Futuro House: The Spaceship from the 1960s

Royse City Futuro House

In the 1960s, a visionary Finnish architect named Matti Suuronen designed a series of flying saucer-shaped dwellings known as Futuro Houses that could be broken into 16 pieces and assembled in virtually any environment. Suuronen expected his affordable, portable futuristic houses to be a smash hit. Unfortunately, the general public did not take kindly to Suuronen’s UFO-esque structures that required costly modifications in order to support electricity and plumbing. Less than 100 Futuro Houses were built, and the alien spacecraft-looking abodes were discontinued by the early 1970s.

When Futuro Houses first hit the market in the 1960s, a number of the structures made their way to the United States. A buyer whose name has been lost in the sands of time in Garland, Texas purchased a Futuro House that was ultimately acquired by two brothers who moved the dwelling to Royse City, Texas.

Photo by Flickr

The Royse City Futuro House has been abandoned for decades. The interior of the Futuro House was stripped long ago and is now covered in several layers of spray paint. In recent years, an anonymous Futuro House enthusiast gave the Royse City dwelling a fresh coat of orange paint and stenciled “Area 276” on the exterior. Area 276 references both a state highway that passes through Royse City, and a military installation in the Nevada desert which has long been associated with the paranormal known as Area 51.

Abandoned Futuro House Royse City

Photo by Flickr

“The Spaceship”—as the Royse City Futuro House is known in Texas—is a celebrated landmark. Locals love the sight of a lone dilapidated spaceship in a grassy field that looks as though it arrived from a galaxy far, far away. Even though the Royse City Futuro House is located on private property, you’re welcome to pose for a photo on the stairs of The Spaceship so that you can update your Instagram followers about your interstellar travels.

9573 State Highway 276 W
Royse City, Texas, 75189
United States

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