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Guarding Your Journey: Must-Know Insurance Tips for Exotic Travelers


Being something of a global citizen, a drifter, a wanderer, and a traveler who is ever on the move can be incredibly rewarding. But it also comes with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles that will cross your path sooner or later. Some are inevitable hurdles that you will need to just push through. Others will be avoidable, silly mistakes you should be able to avoid with a little foresight and planning. And then you have problems that will pop up, and that can be solved with a little assistance, or where you can get bailed out, and that is what today’s little text is all about, introducing you to a few useful insurance tips for you and all those other exotic travelers out there. So, with all that out of the way, let’s get into it.


What should your travel insurance plan look like when you are on a cruise? Cruises aren’t like your typical vacations because when you are slowly floating in the middle of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, inconvenient interruptions like medical emergencies or other things can get very complicated to deal with. If you just want to skip ahead and Learn about cruise insurance, that is an option too, but to make things short, there are a couple of important pointers you should have in mind. Trip cancellation or travel delay benefits are a must-have, for example, as cruise lines are notorious for having very strict cancellation policies. Unfortunately, it is all too common to get no refunds at all if you, for example, cancel less than 14 days before the sails are set. Some promotional fares can’t be refunded or changed at any time, so yes, that is definitely an issue. Travel-delay benefits are another priority because those are certainly common enough. Say your flight is canceled because of a storm, which means you miss your cruise embarkation. Well, travel-delay benefits can reimburse you for the expenses of transportation to the next port of call for you to catch up with the ship.

Adventure Travel Insurance Plan

Let’s start with something that is pretty basic, the adventure travel insurance plan. Most of the travel insurance plans you will get are going to have exclusions for participation in, well, adventure, so basically, “extreme” activities, which means if something not so good were to happen to you while you were participating in them, you would not be covered by your insurance. So, if you break your ankle while clambering over…

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