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Beaches, boat trips and beautiful hotels: why Barbados makes for the ultimate couples getaway

Enjoy a swim with a difference in the crystal clear waters of Animal Flower Cave

It feels like love is permanently in the air in Barbados; just inhaling the warm, tropical, flower-scented air is enough to fire up those passions and stimulate the senses… And why wouldn’t it? From coast to coast, Barbados is one of the most beautiful places in the world: a paradise on earth with stunning scenery, golden beaches, lush forests and remote bays.

Whether you’re here for the ultimate wedding experience, a special honeymoon, or an alluring escape with your significant other, this is the perfect place to ignite your passions. From exciting activities you can enjoy together, to the best locations for a divine dîner à deux, here’s why you’ll be seduced by this magical destination.

Discover natural wonders

Enjoy a swim with a difference in the crystal clear waters of Animal Flower Cave (Visit Barbados)

Elevate your break by dipping a toe (quite literally) into Barbados’ most romantic natural wonders. What could be better than settling down on a gorgeous beach and spending the day sunbathing, snorkelling, or surfing, depending on your vibe. Carlisle Bay in southern Bridgetown is the perfect spot to splash around, with six different shipwrecks scattered throughout its waters, in which you can spot tropical fish, turtles and rock lobsters. For a different way to explore, opt for a clear kayak trip together – with see-through glass bottoms, these vessels make for a unique way to tour the wrecks and meet the sealife. You can also enjoy a romantic horse ride along the shore.

For another coastal treat, head to Paynes Bay on the west coast, about 20 minutes from Bridgetown, to go paddleboarding. The calm, crystal-clear waters of this pretty bay are ideal for for a laidback, easy board, and also boast a fantastic, creature-packed coral reef close to shore. You can then head out in the lively beachside town, which has a wealth of restaurants, perfect for enjoying a romantic dinner as the sun sets.

Further along, towards the southernmost point of the island, is Miami Beach – also known as Enterprise Beach – where the regular waves mean you can try your hand at surfing; alternatively, just sink into a deck chair and order a rum punch. On the very north side is the Animal Flower Cave, the only accessible sea cave on the island, where you can swim in the crystal clear waters or chill out in its seafront restaurant. And you can’t miss a romantic catamaran cruise. Seaduces Luxury Charters, Cool Runnings IV Luxury and The Cat and the Fiddle all…

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