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20 Fun Things To Do In Melbourne With Kids

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Melbourne is one of the most vibrant and captivating cities in Australia, and offers a host of wonderful attractions and activities for tiny humans.

From wildlife parks to kid-friendly museums to educational attractions, there are tons of things to do in Melbourne with kids.

Exploring Melbourne

There’s a lot going on all-year-round in Melbourne for kids of all ages, just ask our daughter, Kalyra, who became quite attached to Melbourne during the period we spent there when she was six.

She loves big cities and wants to live there one day, with the only downer being the inconsistent and awful weather, but not much you can do about that!

If you’re wondering what made our child fall in love with Melbourne, and you’re stuck for ideas of what to do, keep reading for the best kid-friendly attractions in Melbourne!

Things to do in Melbourne with kids

1. Hit the kid-friendly bike ride trails

Bike the Bayside Cycle path when visiting Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is made for cyclists. Whilst you do have to watch the die-hard crazies riding like they are in the velodrome, the numerous biking trails are great for kids.

We loved exploring the Yarra River and Bayside foreshore from St Kilda to Brighton on our bikes.

I’ll never forget Kalyra bouncing on the seat of her bike as we rode down Swanston St, through the centre of Melbourne. “This is the best fun ever!” she said.

I, on the other hand, rode behind her having mini-heart attacks as trams passed her by and pedestrians weaved around us. That particular adventure is not for the faint-hearted!

Bike trail along the Yarra River

2. Free art activities

Look out for Art Play on your visit to Melbourne. What an amazing concept for kids!

Just down from Federation Square along the Yarra River, you’ll find this building dedicated to kids exploring their creative talents.

You do have to pay, but they often have free activities.

We met up with a friend and our kids created their own universes made out of materials in the garden.

3. Check out the interactive museums

people looking at museum exhibition
Credit: Tourism Australia

We don’t usually visit museums much, but we enjoyed learning more about the history of moving arts and creating weird video clips at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Federation Square.

Melbourne has a thriving arts and science scene, and there are plenty of interactive spaces for your kids to learn and be entertained if this is the sort of thing that gets…

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