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See 15 Stunning Scenes of Summer

Fireworks above sky

It’s the season of fireworks, visits to the beach and running through the sprinklers. It’s summer. The temperatures may be high, but so are many people’s spirits, thanks to family vacations, longer days and fun ways to cool off. So, while there’s still time to enjoy it, view these Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest images to remind you what’s so special about summer and all you can still do before the season disappears.

Fourth of July fireworks pierce the fog across parts of Northern California.

Jay Huang, California, 2023

People jumping off cliff in ocean

Two boys jump in the warm waters off Split in the height of summer.

Olivia Finch, Croatia, 2023

Mother paints daughter's face with paint

During summer solstice festivities, a mom adds colorful paint to her daughter’s face, but the joyous expression was already there. 

Jinglong Yan, Washington, 2022

A black horse in desert

A wild black horse gallops through Monument Valley, symbolizing untamed beauty and freedom.

Maria Ibanez Valero, Arizona, 2023

Sunflowers at Sunset

The late-summer sun sets, casting its dimming light onto a field of sunflowers.

Morteza Sadeghi, Iran, 2022

Kids jump into water

Children flip out while playing in at the shore on a hot day.

Sunit Biswas, India, 2019

Sunrise through a spiderweb

Sunlight through the trees perfectly illuminates a spiderweb among a field of flowers.

José Ricardo Alves Bocci, Spain, 2019

People jump into ocean

Who needs sand when you can enjoy the sea from a stony perch above, or while swimming in the gloriously clear water?

Nicolas Quiniou, Italy, 2021

Frozen custard stand

Frozen custard is a perfect treat after a day of hiking in Shenandoah National Park.

Rick Miller, Virginia, 2023

Old man and his dog

A man enjoys his dog and a beautiful view on Valdanos Beach.

Oliver Gayler, Montenegro,…

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