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How The Travel Summit Speakers Adjust to “Life” After a Big Trip

How The Travel Summit Speakers Adjust to "Life" After a Big Trip

Many travellers know that although adventuring around the world is loads of fun, returning home from a trip can leave you feeling tired, and the adjustment back to “real life” can often feel hectic.

With these post-trip struggles in mind, we sought the advice of some of the most well-travelled and brightest minds from the Miles & Points world while they were with us at The Travel Summit this year.

We asked these experts for their thoughts on how to best adjust after a big trip away, and in this article, we’ve put together the best of their tips so you too can benefit from their experience to help you travel better.

How To Effectively Adjust To “Life” After a Big Trip

Earlier this year, we shared some great tips from the Prince of Travel team in a similar post on this subject.

In that article, we looked at ways to help ease the transition period between a big trip and our regular life back home, and the team’s advice fell into four categories: body, mind, soul, and logistics.

In talking to the diverse group of experts at The Travel Summit, we found that much of their advice fell under similar categories, but with some great new ideas and some interesting themes arising.

These 16 Miles & Points experts share their tips based on years of experience and loads of trial and error, so we thought it was worthwhile to share their insights to help you further improve your travel experiences.

The five key themes that the experts’ advice fell under are: buffer time, sleep, self-care, hydration, and looking forward.

Buffer Time

When it comes to travelling, most of us are limited in terms of how many days we’re able to take away from work or away from our responsibilities at home.

If you have this kind of scheduling limitation, it can be tempting to maximize the time you have away by doing things like scheduling your return flight to land the day before you have to go back to work or jumping right back into your full routine as soon as you land.

Consider leaving a buffer day

Ashley Antidormi from Travel Luxe Property Management spoke to this in her advice from The Travel Summit and shared how important it is to “take a couple days after a trip to just chill and get back into the right time zone.”

This sentiment was echoed by Julia Menez from Geobreeze Travel who reminded us that it’s incredibly beneficial to give yourself some time after a travel day before jumping into a busy…

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