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China Eliminates Quarantine for International Travellers

China Eliminates Quarantine for International Travellers

In what feels like the end of a long era of pandemic-induced travel restrictions, Mainland China will be scrapping the quarantine requirement for international arrivals as of January 8, 2023

Before the excitement sets in, note that travel to China will still be significantly limited in the near future, as tourist visas are still not being issued.

However, ending the quarantine for international arrivals is certainly a step in the right direction, and signals a full reopening to international tourists sooner rather than later in 2023. 

China Ends Quarantine Policy

As of January 8, 2023, a quarantine upon arrival will no longer be required. Up until this point, China has been gradually loosening its quarantine policy from three weeks at a quarantine hotel to just five days now before being scrapped altogether.

Testing requirements are also loosening, with only a negative PCR test required within 48 hours of departure and no testing upon arrival.

However, unlike most major countries who have reopened their borders in 2022, the abolition of the quarantine requirement does not coincide with a reopening to foreign tourists in China’s case.

That’s because tourist visas are still not being issued and pre-March 2020 tourist visas remain suspended, so only travellers headed to China for the purposes of work, business, study, or visiting family can benefit from the relaxed travel restrictions for the time being.

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When Will China Open for International Tourism?

Before considering when China will open their borders for international tourism, let’s look at all the factors leading to China eliminating their quarantine policy for international arrivals.

Up until this point, China had what was widely regarded as the strictest “zero-COVID” policies on the planet. Rigorous testing was required before departure and upon arrival, as well every few days during the mandatory hotel quarantine period upon arrival. 

Within the country, an app was required to track your COVID-19 status at all times and individuals were required to show their status when entering any kind of establishment. In addition, China also enforced strict lockdowns whenever a COVID-19 outbreak was taking place throughout a region.

Recently, mass protests sprung up in favour of ending lockdowns and returning to normal life, resulting in the abolition of the zero-COVID policy. In turn, COVID-19 cases have…

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