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Best things to do in Morocco: cities and nature! (2023)

Best things to do in Morocco: cities and nature! (2023)

Time feels like it is standing still in many parts of Morocco. The old walls around the city’s medinas, built to protect them from attack, are now protecting them from the march of modernity.

Within these historic centres, the heritage buildings are decorated with colourful tilework, the souks (markets) are selling the same wares they have been for generations, and it’s not uncommon to see donkeys pulling carts through the mazes of alleyways.

Some of the best things to do in Morocco are found in the cities, bursting with attractions but also offering new takes on the country’s dining and cafe scenes. For many visitors, places like Marrakech and Fez will be the first impression of this beautiful country.

But even outside the urban centres, there are so many things to see in Morocco. Smaller towns like Chefchaouen offer relaxed and authentic glimpses into daily life, trips into the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert reveal the stunning natural landscapes of the country, and other landmarks along the way like Ait Ben Haddou provide interesting stops to see unique sights.

One of the things I love about this country is that there is variety – yet there’s also something quintessentially Moroccan about everything you see. You can never forget you’re in North Africa, regardless of where you are.

If you’re planning a longish trip to Morocco – perhaps the only one you’re likely to ever do – I would recommend trying to see a range of cities and other experiences. Each is a little different.

But, if you think you’ll come back to Morocco, maybe just concentrate on the north or the south and explore in as much detail as possible. There are so many things to do in Morocco, it can feel like a rush trying to squeeze them all in.

To help you plan a trip, I’ve put together this list of my favourite places to visit in Morocco, covering the whole country and a range of experiences.

Historic cities

It’s in the cities that most visitors will first start to see the magic of the country, and exploring the historic centres are some of the best things to do in Morocco.

These are the main cities to visit in Morocco, each with its own unique character.


Although it is the second-largest city in Morocco, Fez can often feel like the most important. An enormous urban centre with a sprawling medina, it is the economic centre of the north of the country, and a focus for the heritage.

It’s the historic medina of Fez that is the main attraction here….

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