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South Pacific Travel: How to Visit 14 of the Most Remote and Culturally Fascinating Islands

May 20, 2023 No Comments »

The South Pacific region contains about 30,000 islands – it seems unfathomable – 30,000! So how in the world do you decide which ones to go to? I was faced with this question as I tried to plan my South Pacific Travel. One of my goals was to visit the really remote, seldom visited South Pacific islands in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu without spending months doing it. Here’s the good news…it’s possible! Learn how you can get to 14 of the most remote islands in Melanesia in 17 days while learning about the unique culture, history, and landscape of the South Pacific.

What started as a sprinkle of rain, transitioned quickly to a downpour. I tried to cover up my camera and looked around to try to find cover. A woman in a hut was trying to get my attention as she waved her hands. Our eyes locked and she motioned for me to come inside. Once again, the South Pacific was showing its welcoming hospitality.

I ducked into the thatched hut. I was taken aback when I glanced up and noticed a whole group of village women and small children staring at me.

Safe from the rain with local women

I looked around the hut made from palm leaves, a dirt floor, no electricity, no plumbing – it was life at its most simple. All of the women were eager to ask me questions, as I was of them. We fumbled through a conversation about marriage, motherhood, and education. I was as fascinating to them as they were to me. Two very different worlds collided in that hut as the rain came down, and I was so excited to experience it.

I learned that the villagers of Loh hadn’t welcomed foreign visitors since 2016. This lack of visitors was much more than a pandemic-related absence, it was the nature of living on a very, very remote island in the South Pacific.

Remote South Pacific Travel

In this uber-connected world – it’s hard to discover places that feel truly untouched. They are often hard to get to, have limited space, and have little infrastructure – which creates a number of insurmountable hurdles for tourists who want to do South Pacific Travel.

Despite those hurdles – remote places like Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu are absolutely worth the…

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