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The Perfect 10 Day Texas Road Trip Itinerary (2023 Guide)

Dallas Texas

Plan the ultimate Texas road trip itinerary that includes national parks, hiking trails, and must-see cities around the Lone Star State.

Thinking about making your way south to visit Texas? This epic 10-day Texas road trip shows you how you can experience the best that the Lone Star State has to offer.

The bulk of this 10-day itinerary is focused on central Texas where major highways form a meticulous triangle. By following this route you can experience major cities and state capitols, all the while learning just why everything is bigger in Texas!

Beginning in Dallas, you’ll venture even further by exploring Texas’ underrate nature and a past that continues to influence the wider country.

In reality, Texas is a massive state. You’d need much longer than 10 days to really see the entire state on an epic Texas road trip. So if you do have more time to spare, you can always add to this itinerary through many of the posts that we link to along the way.

But for the purpose of this Texas road trip itinerary, we’ll be focusing on the easily accessible highlights of Central Texas.

Find more ideas with our ultimate list of the best things to do in Texas!

The Perfect Texas Road Trip Itinerary

Texas can be explored in a number of ways. From taking domestic flights to guided tours, this huge state has so much to offer. But a Texas road trip is a quintessential way to experience the Lone Star State!

During these 10 days, you’ll see charming small towns, magnificent cities, and natural beauty. This road trip in Texas is the perfect introduction to the second-largest state in the continental US!

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Dallas is a great place to start on your Texas road trip!

Day 1 & 2 – Dallas + Fort Worth

Day 1 of your Texas road trip begins in Dallas. At the top of a trio of highways that form a triangle through the heart of Texas, you’re well-placed to begin a road trip of a lifetime.

Here in Dallas, you’ll find a blend of art, history, nature, and sport. Add on a second day in Fort Worth, and you can explore the history of cattle ranches before dancing the night away at Billy Bob’s Texas.

Day 1:

Dallas Arts District

Encompassing the largest arts district in the nation, exploring the Dallas Arts District is the best way to start your journey through Triple D. Here, you’ll discover 20 blocks of…

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