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Move furniture

Everyone at least once in their life gets into a situation when they need to move heavy furniture. This may be due to moving to a new house, renovating an apartment, or buying new furniture. Even if you travel. Unless you are living in a campervan or on a bag only, there will be a time you’ll need to move furniture. I know I’ve had my share of such experiences.

In any case, such events do not happen often, so most people approach them unprepared. However, this is no reason to panic. You can always turn to a professional moving company Los Angeles to San Francisco: They will gladly do this work for you. Also, we have prepared a professional guide to help you cope with moving heavy furniture. In this article, you’ll read about pre-moving preparations, expert approaches to moving furniture, and tips to keep your body and property safe.

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Transportation of furniture is a process that consists of several stages. You can either struggle at every step or read this article and make the move smooth and enjoyable.

Make a Plan

No matter how strange it may sound, you need to start moving heavy furniture with a notepad. Make a list of everything that needs to be moved and determine the order in which the items should be loaded onto the truck. The heaviest should be located near the walls. Lighter and smaller items can be placed on top or inside wardrobes.

If you start to mindlessly move everything, there is a chance that a decent “traffic jam” will form at your entrance. If you doubt that any object will pass through the doorway, then first measure the dimensions. To avoid this challenge, you can delegate it to competent movers Orange County to San Francisco:

Prepare for the Move — Pack your Equipment

How to move heavy furniture safely and easily? The modern home furnishing industry has come up with many great things that make this task easier. Below is a list of equipment and supplies that you can find at any hardware store:

  • Furniture sliders. They help a heavy object glide easily across the floor and even the carpet. Buy a few and moving furniture on hardwood floors will not cause scratches.
  • Boxes, plastic wrap, and other packaging materials. A good separation will make it easy to find the right things and parts in a new place.
  • Dollies. Whether you are moving furniture on your own or with a friend, a dolly…

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