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Unlock the Best Day Trips in Ohio: Adventures You Can’t Miss!

Best Day Trips in Ohio Amish Country Road Ohio

Looking to fill your days with a little adventure with the best day trips in Ohio?

As travel lovers who thrive on varied scenery, the vibrant landscapes of Ohio appeal to us. From the captivating tales of the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway to the adrenaline-pumping stories surrounding Cedar Point, the landscape of Ohio paints a picture we’re itching to step into.

Imagine driving through picturesque byways, awed by Ohio’s wonders, and capturing memories at every stop. Join us as we share our curated list of Ohio’s unforgettable day trips to places we’re all yearning to explore.

Best Day Trips in Ohio

Ready to pack up your car and hit the road in search of the most fun day trips in Ohio? Whether you’re in a brand new Tesla, loading up your pickup, or perusing an eclectic inventory of wrecked cars for a deal on the car of your dreams, you’ll find somewhere great within driving distance in Ohio.

Start creating a lifetime of memories by taking one (or more) of these unforgettable day trips!

Where should I go on a road trip in Ohio?

Ohio is a treasure trove for road trippers.

Start with the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, then relax by Lake Erie’s serene shores. Journey through the culturally rich Amish Country Byway and experience the breathtaking Hocking Hills Scenic Byway. For families, Columbus offers a wonderland of kid-friendly stops.

Whether you’re seeking nature, culture, or a simple getaway, Ohio delivers.

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Ohio day trips for couples

Looking for a romantic day trip in Ohio?

Ohio, with its mix of scenic beauty and rich culture, offers couples idyllic getaways right at their doorstep. Envision a drive through the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway, where historic bridges meet serene landscapes.

For a cultural immersion, the Amish Country Byway unveils a world of simplicity and charm. And if the sound of cascading waterfalls beckons, destinations from Hayden Falls to Brandywine Falls await.

Covered Bridge Scenic Byway

Couples will love the romantic drive through the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway.

You’ll find four covered bridges on this route, with plenty of quiet countryside and natural beauty. Be sure to check out the Rinard Bridge! This 66 mile route is open year round. The Covered Bridge Scenic Byway is an easy day trip from Columbus.

Everett Covered Bridge in Ohio romantic road trip for couples

Waterfall road trip of Ohio

Ohio is full of scenic waterfalls, which makes for a fantastic road trip. We’ve included Ohio’s most popular waterfalls here, plus some of our favorites.

Starting from Columbus, check…

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