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Where To Stay In Porto – A Neighborhood Guide Of The BEST Areas!

where to stay porto city on riverbank including neighborhood guide

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Porto is a beautiful city in northern Portugal famous for being located along the Douro River. Rich in history, architecture, and culinary traditions, Porto boasts a striking mix of old and new. Even more creative than Lisbon, Porto’s every corner boldly expresses its character. So deciding where to stay in Porto during your holiday can be a little overwhelming.

To assist you in planning your stay in this unmissable Portuguese city, we’ve crafted this guide with a detailed breakdown of the best places to stay in Porto for unforgettable times. Plus, we will share our favorite things to do in each neighborhood and our top tips. 

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Where to stay in Portugal?

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Here’s what we’re covering:

Where To Stay In Porto

Porto is a compact city of different neighborhoods, similar to Lisbon, with unique vibes and plenty of things to see. From traditional-looking districts to artistic ones, you need to choose where to stay in Porto carefully. This overview of the city’s neighborhoods will help you find the best area to stay in Porto for your travel needs. 

The main neighborhoods of Porto

1. Baixa / Sé – Porto’s downtown area is where to be for sightseeing and discovering the city’s major attractions, making it perfect for first-time travelers.

2. Riberia – The city’s riverfront neighborhood, the Ribeira is characterized by narrow cobbled streets, charming colorful houses, and several popular attractions.

3. Cedofeita – This is Porto’s art district, where you will find more art galleries and trendy shops than you can visit, and an unforgettable romantic bohemian vibe.

4. Boavista – The area where the wealthy citizens live, Boavista is outside the tourist radar, so it’s tranquil but without being boring as it has interesting sights, such as the Fundação de Serralves. 

5. Foz do Douro – Porto’s most western neighborhood, all the city’s beaches are here. Foz also has two beautiful fortified castles that make the area well worth a visit.

Porto travel tips

How to get around 

Porto is a city with a compact size which means that it is very…

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