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These Beautiful Barns Tell the Story of the United States | Travel

John Moulton barn

Organizations such as the National Barn Alliance are working to preserve and protect barns—historic pieces of Americana and reminders of our country’s agricultural roots. “They tell the story of hard work. They tell stories of dedication, tradition, aspiration and creativity,” the alliance’s website reads. “It is our nation’s story told in wood, brick and stone.”

Unfortunately, many barns—like those captured by our photo contest entrants—have seemingly already been forgotten and may be telling their stories for the last time. Before they’re gone forever, take a look.

A tourist attraction in its own right on the grounds of Grand Teton National Park, the historic John Moulton barn was built as part of a settlement Mormons founded in the 1890s.

William Dodd, Wyoming, 2021

Night sky

Hundreds of stars dot the night sky above a faded red barn on a vast plain.

Jim Hendrix, Mississippi, 2021

Fall Trees Barn

A whitewashed barn stands in a valley in contrast to the brightly colored autumn trees covering nearby mountains.

Mary Hogan, Virginia, 2021

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge helps preserve and protect the ecosystem near the Nisqually River. This barn, one of two, was built in 1932. They once held farm animals and equipment.

David K., Washington, 2018

Pumpkins and Antique truck

A quintessential fall scene: Amber stalks of grain obscure the view of pumpkins and an antique truck sitting outside of an obligatory red barn.

Barry Creech, Colorado, 2021

Snowcapped mountains and a windmill

Snowcapped mountains and a windmill serve as the backdrop for these old barns fenced off from the nearby road.

Bill Stipp, Wyoming, 2019

Whitewashed barn

Antique farm equipment is exposed to the elements outside of a whitewashed barn surrounded by cornfields.

Diane Sisko, Iowa, 2021

Red Barn


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