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9 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam-Noord

STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam Noord

Ready to learn about one of the coolest corners of the Dutch capital? Let’s explore Amsterdam-Noord, an industrial powerhouse transformed into an artistic playground of creativity and urban charm. 

Did you know that Amsterdam attracts a jaw-dropping 22 million visitors each year? That’s 27.5 times the population of Amsterdam itself! And the Noord part of town is a huge draw for visitors.

But what makes Amsterdam-Noord so irresistible? Well, stick around because we’re about to spill the beans on the best things to do in this hip and happening neighborhood.

Amsterdam-Noord, officially part of Amsterdam since 1393, has shed its industrial roots to become an artistic haven. The once factory-filled landscape now hums with artists and young souls, creating an electric blend of urban energy and artistic expression.

Amsterdam-Noord isn’t your average city neighborhood – it’s a thriving cultural hub and a significant part of Dutch culture. It’s almost a village within a city where you can find lush greenery, family-friendly fun, and good vibes.

This neighborhood has everything from scenic cycle routes that take you through picturesque landscapes to hip eateries and delectable street food, and lively street markets where you’ll find the most unique Amsterdam souvenirs!


Most significant landmark A’DAM Tower
Best park Noorderpark
Best free activity Wandering NDSM Wharf
Best activity for kids Noorderpark / Exploring Flea Markets
Best activity for adults The Sky Bar at A’DAM Tower
Best food IJver Amsterdam
Best place to stay Crane Hotel Faralda

Things to Do in Amsterdam-Noord (North Amsterdam)

1. STRAAT Museum

STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam Noord
Kyle Kroeger / Via Travelers

Address: NDSM-Plein 1, 1033 WC Amsterdam, Netherlands

When you visit Amsterdam-Noord, get ready to be amazed because our first stop on this super city adventure is none other than the remarkable STRAAT Museum! This museum is a celebration of street art on an unprecedented scale.

Centrally located in Amsterdam-Noord, the STRAAT Museum is proudly the world’s largest and, indeed, finest street art museum. Located at the iconic NDSM Wharf, a hotspot known for its industrial charm and strong connection to Amsterdam’s lively street art scene, this museum is a feast for the eyes.

Imagine walls adorned with massive works of art as far as the eye can see! This museum is housed within a sprawling old shipbuilding warehouse boasting 8,000…

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