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Delve Into Scottish Culture by Staying at These Unique Places

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

Scotland is a land of mystery, magic, and breathtaking scenery. One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in Scottish culture is to spend the night at a unique guest house. Scotland is replete with quaint traditional blackhouses, working farms, and castles where visitors can spend several days and nights sipping Scotch, watching sheep saunter through the fields, and exploring magnificently gorgeous lochs and highlands.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

Outer Hebrides

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In the 1800s, Gearrannan Blackhouse Village was a quaint seaside town where residents lived in simple stone houses with thatched roofs known as blackhouses. Virtually every villager shared the interior of their home with livestock such as sheep. The bulk of the residents made their living by producing wool that ultimately became hand-woven Harris Tweed. Gearrannan Blackhouse Village thrived until the mid-20th century when the remaining elderly residents could no longer rethatch their roofs and fortify their stone homes.

In recent years, Gearrannan Blackhouse Village has been restored and has opened its blackhouses to visitors who wish to step back in time to experience 19th-century Scotland. Visitors can spend the night in a rustic single-room blackhouse which features a comfy bed, a cozy fireplace, and plenty of antiques from the days of yore. Visitors can also observe the friendly village sheep, watch traditional weavers create Harris Tweed, and explore numerous hiking and biking paths that offer sweeping views of the sea.

Newton Farm Holidays


If the friendly sheep of Gearrannan Blackhouse Village leave you yearning for more time in a pastoral setting, consider booking a stay with Newton Farm Holidays. Newton of Fothringham Farm is a working family-owned farm that offers comfortable beds, breakfasts that feature farm-fresh eggs, and rooms stocked with coffee and tea.

Visitors can tour Newton of Fothringham Farm and participate in several farm experiences which include feeding and petting animals such as goats, sheep, and lambs, grooming Highland cows, and walking with alpacas. Newton Farm Holidays is truly an animal lover’s paradise, as the farm is home to numerous unforgettable characters such as a micro pig, a friendly black lab, and several sassy hens. Visitors can also walk the hills, fish in the surrounding waterways, and play golf at a nearby golf course. Newton Farm Holidays even offers a wedding…

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