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Expedition Cruises – Complete Guide to Cruising Remote Destinations

Expedition Cruises What you need to know

We have taken a lot of expedition cruises from the Polar regions of Antarctica and Greenland to Costa Rica, Panama, and the Amazon. Having traveled to all seven continents, we have learned that some remote places must be visited on expedition ships. Recently, we toured the Galapagos with HX Hurtigruten Expeditions. With the perfect blend of luxury and adventure, it was an incredible visit to this isolated archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. But there are many places to explore by expedition cruising, and we have personally been to all of them! Today, we will round up not only the best places to take an expedition cruise but also what to expect on a small ship to help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Everything You Need to Know About an Expedition Cruise

Are you ready to embark on an adventure like no other?

Unlike traditional cruising, expedition cruises focus on adventure, exploration, and education. Expedition ships take you to places beyond the reach of ordinary travel with like-minded travelers, expert guides, and fewer passengers making them a a unique way to explore some of the most off the beaten path and remote destinations on the planet.

If you are considering booking an expedition cruise, we are going to give you all the details about what to expect on expedition ships, what the expedition team does to make the most of your adventure vacation, and where the best places to book an expedition to the most remote parts the world.

What is an Expedition Cruise?

What is an expedition Cruise

An expedition cruise is designed for adventure seekers looking to explore remote destinations and immerse themselves in the natural world. These cruises offer a blend of adventure, education, and exploration. Days can be spent exploring the coast in small groups on a zodiac, panga or skiff boat with an expedition team. Evenings entail lectures and presentations o enhance your understanding of the area’s wildlife, culture, and history. Book your expedition cruise here today.

With vessels being smaller ships to accommodate fewer passengers, expedition cruise lines offer intimate experiences. Each expedition ship we’ve been on in the past has anywhere from 35 to 90 passengers.

What are Expedition Cruise Lines Like?

Expedition Cruises Ships

They have zodiac boats on board to search for wildlife or navigate around smaller islands, icebergs, coves and off-the-beaten-path tributaries. Being able to hop aboard zodiacs directly from the ship allows passengers to explore the diverse landscapes of…

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