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Frontier Airlines offers free flights to people who adopt three stray kittens

Frontier Airlines offers free flights to people who adopt three stray kittens

Frontier Airlines is offering free flights to people prepared to adopt three stray kittens.

The kittens in question are currently residing at The Animal Foundation, which is a pet shelter and vet clinic in Nevada.

The Animal Foundation tweeted about the tiny trio – who are thought to currently be around one to two weeks old – with a photo of them. The shelter has named the kittens Frontier, Delta and Spirit, which are all American airlines.

The Animal Foundation’s social media account posted: “Meet the newest additions to our kitten nursery!”

The tweet continues: “Spirit’s name used to be Southwest, but due to recent events, our marketing team requested we change it.” The recent events referred to are thought to be the airline’s widespread flight cancellation chaos over Christmas, during which thousands of travellers were left stranded, with one now suing Southwest.

After seeing the story on Fox5 Las Vegas News, Frontier Airlines’ social media account responded by offering to donate free flights to those who adopt the kittens.

“This is so sweet! Thank you for the honor, @animalfndlv!”, the post said, before adding: “We’d love to donate two flight vouchers each to the people who adopt @Delta and @Spirit; and four vouchers to the person who adopts Frontier.”

Followers were quick to respond to The Animal Foundation’s initial post with one saying: “Where and when can they be adopted?”.

“OMG I want them without the free flight!”, another commented.

“Amazing! Well played @FlyFrontier, well played,” someone posted underneath Frontier’s tweet, while concern was raised by a user who said: “I’m more afraid they will just be adopted for the free tickets rather than for love.”

“Now, we just need the airlines in general allow us to transport our pets with us, easily and cheaper,” a social media poster suggested.

After being asked when the kittens will be ready to be re-homed, The Animal Foundation said: “These little kittens are going to be with their mom until they reach 1.5 lbs in weight and are cleared by our medical team.

“We will post them on our adoptions page when they are ready.”

The Independent has contacted Frontier Airlines for comment.

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