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The 1 Essential Item Travel Experts Always Pack

The 1 Essential Item Travel Experts Always Pack

Every type of travel calls for a different packing strategy. What you put in your suitcase for a beach vacation is likely not the same as what you pack for a ski trip or business conference.

Still, there are certain things that can come in handy no matter where you go and might even be a lifesaver in a variety of situations.

HuffPost asked people who work in the travel industry to share the one item they’re always sure to take when they go on a trip. Here are their picks:


“One thing I always make sure to bring with me, no matter the destination or flight time, is a scarf. The right scarf can be a top, a head wrap, a blanket, a neck pillow, an eye mask and so many more things. It always comes in handy on long flights, and I always regret it if I forget it.” ― Gabby Beckford, travel expert and founder of Packs Light.

Turkish Towel

“My Turkish towel has served multiple purposes during my travels ― from a blanket on a chilly bus to a towel at the beach, and even as a pillow when I’m camping. It has saved me countless times and I never travel without it.” ― Sean Lau, travel blogger.

Protein Bars

“Always pack snacks ― you may not have time to grab something before it’s time to start boarding, especially if lines for food and drink are long. Protein bars or meal replacement bars don’t take up much space, and they are a simple, healthy way to prevent hunger while on the go.” ― Nick Motlagh, Delta Air Lines pilot.

Photocopy Of Passport

“I have a printed copy of my passport that I keep in my carry-on bag, but not in my wallet. If for some reason my wallet gets stolen, I have backup ID to present. Some people keep photos of their IDs on their phones as well, but if your phone should die or get stolen, at least you have that paper copy as a backup.” ― Katy Nastro, spokesperson for the flight alert service Going.

Carry-On Amenities Kit

“I always pack a travel kit that includes a mini toothbrush, makeup items, makeup wipes (these are great to clean your face before you go to sleep on a long flight) and sheet masks for extra moisture. You never know when you might need one of these items, and its easier to grab this from your carry-on.” ― Diane Martin, Delta Air Lines flight attendant.

Rain Jacket

“I pack my rain jacket on every trip I take, and it has saved me on numerous occasions. I recommend purchasing a lightweight rain jacket with a hood. Make sure it has deep pockets with a zipper so you can safely store all of your…

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