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5 Exotic Locations for a Unique Wedding (And Some Tips for Wedding Invitations)

Beautiful view over Lighthouse Farol da Ponta da Ferraria in Sao Miguel Island Azores Portugal

Considering a wedding with more than just a splash of uniqueness? Imagine sharing your “I dos” framed by landscapes that could steal the show from any Hollywood set.

But an exotic location isn’t merely about magnificent photos; it’s the stage for your personal love story where every detail is drenched in magic. If you’re ready to take your vows on a path less traveled, let’s embark on finding that perfect slice of paradise for your wedding.

5 Great Wedding Locations (And Wedding Invitation Tips) 

Ready to pick a jaw-dropping spot for your big day? We’ve lined up five killer wedding locations and some savvy invitation tips to get your guests buzzing from the get-go. Let’s dive in!

1. Cliffside Vows: The Azores, Portugal

Beautiful view over Lighthouse Farol da Ponta da Ferraria in Sao Miguel Island Azores Portugal
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Perched on the cliff edge of the Atlantic, the Azores are where cliffside vows redefine ‘edge-of-the-world’ romance. An archipelago brimming with lush vistas and volcanic mystique, your wedding here is an adventure in itself. Guests can soak in thermal springs post-ceremony—a toast to your new life from nature’s champagne. 

And when it comes to the types of wedding invitations you should use, let them echo the deep blues and verdant greens of this enchanting locale. Use cursive and romantic fonts. 

2. Desert Majesty: Namib Desert, Namibia

Embrace the stillness of eternity in Namibia’s sprawling dunes. Imagine saying “forever” as the sun sets over an ocean of sand—there’s nothing quite as timeless. After exchanging vows amidst ancient desert winds, celebrate under stars that narrate stories older than time. 

Your selection of wedding invitations should whisper tales of these eternal landscapes to get your wedding party pumped for the trip. You should also highlight the colorful African sunset for an evening wedding or the night sky that transforms into a blanket of stars for a midnight party. 

3. Ancient Whispers: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat isn’t just another temple. It’s a monumental testament to devotion. Marry among centuries-old ruins encased in banyan tree roots, where history blesses every union. 

A Cambodian ceremony here will inject your marriage with an essence of mystery and reverence—as enduring as the stones themselves. For this reason, you should…

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