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Air Canada Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know

Air Canada Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know

When flying with Air Canada on domestic, transborder, and international flights, there’s a good chance that your plane is equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi.

Over the past few years, Air Canada has been outfitting an increasing proportion of its wide- and narrow-body fleet with Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is available on your flight, you can stay connected in the skies to work, stream, or browse at your leisure.

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about Air Canada’s in-flight Wi-Fi, including the flights and aircraft on which it’s available, how to connect, and examples of pricing.

Which Air Canada Flights Have Wi-Fi?

The first thing to determine when planning to fly with Air Canada is whether or not the flight(s) you’ll be on have Wi-Fi available.

Fortunately, it’s easy to check, and it just requires a few clicks on the Air Canada website.

One way is to simply glance at the search results. In the search results for revenue flights, a Wi-Fi logo will appear in the middle of the line showing each direct flight with Wi-Fi available. 

For example, in the below screenshot, Wi-Fi is offered on the second Vancouver–Montreal flight, while it isn’t on the first.

If you have multiple flights on an itinerary, each line will show which flight has Wi-Fi available. In the below screenshot, there is Wi-Fi available on the flight from Vancouver to Toronto in the first result, but not on the flight from Toronto to Halifax.

On the second result, Wi-Fi isn’t available on the first flight from Vancouver to Montreal, but it is available on the second flight between Montreal and Halifax.

If you’re searching for flights using Aeroplan points, the Wi-Fi logo won’t appear in the search results, as the airline logo is displayed there instead.

However, if you click on “Details”, the availability of Wi-Fi for that particular flight is clearly displayed.

Another way to determine if your Air Canada flight has Wi-Fi is to perform a search on a dedicated page on Air Canada’s website.

You can only search for Wi-Fi availability for the next five calendar days, so this option may not be as convenient as the others if you’re planning far in advance.

Air Canada has installed Wi-Fi on the majority of its wide- and narrow-body aircraft.

At the time of writing, the following proportions of wide- and narrow-body aircraft feature onboard Wi-Fi:

  • Boeing 777-300ER: 19/19
  • Boeing 777-200LR:…

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